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I was brought in to build this project through Upwork. FJ Solutions had the site designed by SHERMAN. The FJ team is distributed around the globe. We have several meetings spanning across 3 different continents (thanks zoom). Implementing such a custom design into Squarespace was challenging. When this project began, Squarespace has just released their new designer tool, Fluid Engine, so I went in that direction thinking that Fluid Engine is where Squarespace is focusing it's energy with feature building and maintainability. With any new tool there are some growing pains, I had to discover the limitations of the new designer and the logic therein. The desktop and mobile builders are good but not very intuitive. I used lots of workarounds for responsiveness. I don't think my approach was ideal but I thought it was the best solution for the features I was building. Changing layouts and imagine display settings should be easier to edit inside of Squarespace and not need as much custom code in my opinion. Anyhow, proud to have built this site and worked with such an international team.

Apparently I haven't added any photos yet....

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